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[applause] >> anderson: back with christie brinkely, my co-host. [laughter] good lord. i love chocolate chip cookies look for the next cookie challenge. go to website and submit your video recipe for chocolate chip cookies. three viewers will be chosen to come live. thousands of passengers on their way home after being stranded for days on a cruise
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liner. hundreds injured after a meteor exploded over russia. and a 14-year-old killed in the east bay. we'll talk to her grandmother -- at noon. ao
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fears that the world was coming to an end after an explosion over russia injured a thousand people. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the meteor that streaked across the sky and exploded over russia earlier today had the power of an atomic bomb. its sonic blast shattered countless windows. ktvu's lorraine blanco joins us from the newsroom to let us know that broken glass injured a lot of people. lorraine? >> reporter: almost a thousand people, tori. the reason for that in many cases, people saw the brilliant light, ran to their windows to see what it was and within a minute their windows shattered
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with the sonic bomb. it reminds many of us of a scene from a sci-fi movie. but the very real damage from this 11-ton meteorite shocked people around the world. >> translator: after the flash nothing happened for about three minutes and then we rushed outdoors. >> reporter: about a thousand people suffered injuries, mostly from shattered glass. the space rock about the size of an suv entered the earth's atmosphere at sunrise. faster than the speed of sound at least 33,000 miles an hour. scientists think it shattered in pieces. >> usually what happens, the rock comes into space, it hits the atmosphere, and then that puts a lot of stress on it and it's likely to shatter into pieces. >> reporter: russian emergency officials say hospitals are packed with adults and children. although these meteors are not terribly unusual, scientists say they are surprised by the
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destruction. >> hundreds of time every year, but only several times a year are they seen to fall by people. very rarely do they do any damage. >> reporter: there are no reports of any deaths. the region's governor says the biggest worry is the cold. it's about 23 degrees fahrenheit with even lower temperatures frat overnight. that's a serious problem with all of those shattered windows. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the meteor that entered the earth's atmosphere and exploded over russia is not part of the asteroid that buzzed past the plan net. the asteroid is much large -- planet. the asteroid is much larger. it was coming from a different direction. janine de la vega is live at nasa aims in mountain view where people gathered. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon. they were showing a feed of this. now it's just a recording of
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what it looked like. in the last 40 minutes it came as close as it would to the dearth. just to give you an idea how big it is, we're told it is as big as the size of this entire building, half a football field. on the screen, the asteroid doesn't look that spectacular. it looks like a small dot of light. these are pictures of the astroid being scene from an observatory in australia. it's 150 feet that's been dubbed 2012 da-14. scientists say there's no chance it will hit the earth. space enthusiasts came to watch the asteroid flying by as well as nasa scientists commenting on the significance. we spoke to a nasa expert and a viewer about the asteroid. >> it's coming very close and that gives us a wonderful opportunity to study it up close. and so we can learn a lot more about these types of objects.
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in terms of its scientist significance, there's depreleft over -- debris left over. >> i think it's awesome. there's so much around us. it takes things like this to open our eyes. >> reporter: the asteroid was discovered a year by a spanish observatory. the nasa snits are interested in studying this because they want to protect our planet from them. in 2016 they will take a sample from it. scientists at ames are studying. this will not be visible to people in california. the best view was from australia and even then those people would have needed binoculars to have seen it. still very exciting for the employees here at that's ames because -- nasa ames because
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this is something they studied. back to you. >> thank you. in south africa, oscar pistorius was charged today with premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend yesterday. witnesses said oscar pistorius broke down and cried as the judge read the charges. he became famous at the london olympics as the first double amputee to compete in the track and field events. he's known as the blade runner because he runs on prosthetic legs. he's being held in a local jail until his next court appearance on tuesday. investigators believe accused killer christopher dorner did extensive research on his first two victims. police say he shot and killed basketball coach monica quan and her fiance a few weeks ago. he gathered intelligence evidence and may have collected evidence on the entire family.
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dorner blamed quan's father for losing an april people after dorner got fired from -- an appeal after dorner got fired from the police department. the remains were positively identified through dental records as christopher dorner. however, the cause of death has not been released. police in antioch are investigating the death of a 14- year-old girl who was hit by a car while crossing the street last night. brian flores joins us from the intersection where the fatal accident happened. and a makeshift memorial is being set up. >> reporter: that's right since this morning, people have been coming by and dropping off flowers and balloons to remember the 14-year-old girl tragically killed yesterday afternoon. we understand that she went to a nearby middle school. >> it's so twisted. >> reporter: a distraught father who has no words to describe a tragic collision
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that killed his daughter. antioch police say a 14-year- old girl was killed as she was crossing the street on hillcrest and hidden glen drive in antioch around 7:45 thursday night. they say the driver of a car hit the girl, then pulled over to help her. she was later airlifted to a nearby hospital where she later died. >> they need to reduce the speed because they are always speeding up and down hillcrest. >> she was a sweet young lady and it was sad that it happened. you know, my daughter was a foster child. she did everything to do the right things for her. >> reporter: she was a foster child, people say. the family says she's been staying at a foster home and last night they say she was just walking home. witnesses say the driver who hit the girl was distraught. >> the guy was very remorseful. my prayers go out to him as well. he was here, he was cooperative.
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i thought he was the father he was losing it so bad. i said are you the father? he said, no, i'm the guy that hit her. >> reporter: the speed limit is posted at 45 miles an hour. at this point, antioch police say speed and alcohol did not play a role in the collision. meanwhile this community and the school she attended is trying to cope with her loss. the whole staff is affected, she was a real popular kid. >> reporter: tree tied to get in -- we tried to get in touch with antioch police. it's unclear whether the drive -- driver will be charged. we understand from residents there's been at least two accidents involving pedestrians at this intersection in the past two months. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. people who received vouchers at marin county's buyback are able to collect them today. the county collected 800 guns. organizers offered up to $200 for each gun. but the cash ran out. so the district attorney handed
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out $70,000 worth of vouchers. they can be cashed in from now until 8:00 p.m. at the showcase theater complex in san ralph fill. here's a look at what happened to the -- san rafael. here's a look at what happened at the buyback. these are the workers tossing the guns in a container and they will be destroyed in stanislaus county. there's still no decision by the alameda county board of supervisors after the meeting about the use of drugs. the alameda county sheriff's department wants to purchase two unarmed drones to help them in emergency situations. but many opponents are worried about priorcy. no action was taken about whether to allow the full board to vote on the $31,000 grant toward the purchase of drones. the city of oakland has suffered a legal blow in its effort to block the federal government from shutting down a medical marijuana dispensary. a federal judge has tossed out
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the city's lawsuit that said that closing down harborside health center would lead to a health and safety crisis. the lawsuit argued many dispensary patients would turn to the illegal marijuana market. oakland was the first city in the nation to take down a pot dispensaries. what's happening today to the ill-faded carnival cruise ship triumph? one day after thousands of passengers trip finally came to an end. ktvu's meteorologist rosemary orozco will talk about major and wet changes on the way. and a wild chase through the streets of san francisco. how it all started. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week.
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the triumph is on the move hours after it was pulled into mobile bay in alabama. the incapacitated cruise ship headed in for repairs today. as rene marsh reports, those thousands of passengers are all headed home now, more than a week after an engine turned their vacation into a nightmare. >> reporter: the first buses carrying triumph's passengers arrived back in galveston, texas friday. more than a week after the cruise ship departed on its ill-
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faded tour. many are returning home with pictures they never imagined capturing. camping on the decks, sweeping on the -- sleeping on the floor, toilets that didn't flush, trash piling u these are the memories the passengers are trying to forget. >> we were just out there. now i realize it's like oh, my god. i can't believe that. >> reporter: while passengers try to move on from the nightmare, the triumph is moving on to a nearby boat yard for repairs. marking the end of this disastrous voyage. passengers cheered and waved thursday night as the disabled boat limped into the port of mobile. others hung signs like this one reading "sweet home alabama" celebration after days of unsanitary conditions and power outages. before passengers disembarked, the ceo offered this -- >> we pride ourselves in providing our guests with a
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great vacation experience. clearly we failed. >> reporter: as more than 3,000 passengers made off their way off the ship, some vented their frustration. >> there are a lot of unhappy on this ship. a lot because of the conditions. >> reporter: others are just relieved the ordeal is over. >> after being that on boat for that long and not knowing when or how we were getting back, it was just so good to be back. >> reporter: as those passengers continue to head home on the chartered flights, the investigation into what caused that fire on board continues. reporting in mobile, alabama, i'm rene marsh. there is a major change for cargo ships that sail under the bay bridge. the u.s. coast guard just imposed a new rule that bans large vessels from sailing under the bridge in foggy conditions. the regulation only affects ships that head out to sea. it does not apply to vessels coming in to port. the ban is in response to an
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accident last month during which a cargo ship sideswiped the bay bridge in foggy conditions. vallejo police say a high- speed chase this morning ended with the suspect's car crashing into a light pole. the chase began in vallejo and ended in martinez at franklin canyon road. investigators say the suspect hit speeds up to 110 miles an hour on eastbound highway 4. officers deployed spike strips to stop the car. they say the driver tried to flee. but officers were able to quickly apprehend him. police say a female passenger suffered minor injuries. no word if she was taken into custody. san francisco police say a suspected car thief is behind bars this noontime, after leading officers on a wild chase during which gunfire erupted. police say last night's chase ended when the suspect caused a four-car crash at fifth and mission street. investigators say the incident began when officers spotted a
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stolen town car in the tenderloin district. they tried to pull the driver over but the suspect took off. investigators say he drove onto a sidewalk near the tenderloin police station and raced down fifth street. >> when the vehicle went up on the curb, one of the officers, fearing for their safety, fired two shots at the vehicle. >> no one was hit by the gunfire. the chase ended a short time later with a wreck that involves a stolen car, a cab and two other vehicles. at least three people, including the suspect, suffered injuries that do not appear to be serious. a drive-by shooting left two men wounded in east san jose. the shooting happened around 10:on grammercy place -- 10:30 on grammercy place. police say two people were standing on the street when two fired shots from an suv. neighbors were surprised. >> my wife, she heard some shots and we spoke up and she
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was telling me somebody got shot. i heard the cops outside. >> police say the men's wounds were not life-threatening. b.a.r.t. is set to temporarily allow bikes on trains at all times of the day. right now, bikes are banned on all b.a.r.t. trains during commute hours. now the agency will begin a test trial lifting the ban. beginning march 1st through the 22nd, bikes will only be banned on three cars during the first three hours. last year, b.a.r.t. allowed bikes on all trains at all stations on friday. the california dmv has canceled a $00 million upgrade project that's already paid about a fourth. the project was supposed to overhall the process. the dmv stopped the contract --
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the contractor was not making much progress on the overhaul. the contract was canceled january 31st. the state legislature was told yesterday. president obama honored those killed in the newtown, connecticut in a white house ceremony. president obama presented the medals to family the family members of the teachers and educators to six of the family members. 20 children were killed in the ceremony. today's ceremony also honored 12 other americans in fields that honored gay rights, veterans. record warmth and near record warmth for your enjoyment this afternoon. under mostly blue skies. giving you a live look at la fayette, wall-to-wall sunshine going on for your friday. right now temperatures nep
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where from 2 to 4 warmer than yesterday. again, we're looking at the possibility of breaking a record or two by the end of the day. today is going to be the warmest day. the ridge of high pressure remains right over california. the sinking air associated with that, continuing to drive our temperatures up and the offshore breeze really warming things up around the coast as well as inland. the winds right now, 12 miles per hour and offshore in fairfield, an easterly breeze in napa, 10 miles an hour. a light breeze at sfo. oakland and san jose, calm. half moon bay, 6 -- 71 degrees and mostly sunny skies. what a great day to be along the coast. 62 in novato, 66 in napa. upper 60s walnut creek. 66 in hayward. 65 in mountain view. temperatures anywhere 5 to 10 above normal for this time of year. stormtracker2, we have a cooldown. the system is gonna help break down that ridge of high pressure that's been over us now for several days.
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if i back it up a little bit more, 1600 miles out. it's a few days away. but we have cold wet weather on its way back as well. so for today we're looking at 70 degrees in san rafael. 68 in berkeley. upper 60s in vallejo. this in the orange, if we hit 70 in record, we'll see a new record, concord, 70. hayward, 70. in the south bay, warm, 72 for san jose. 73 morgan hill. 76 expected in santa cruz. there's the extended forecast. so the weekend still looking good. just not as warm. temperatures will fall back a bit on saturday. more so on sunday. with the return of the onshore breeze, we should expect to wake up with some fog on sunday morning. monday turning cloudy. temperatures now into the 50s for the afternoon highs and by tuesday, that wet weather finally arriving. we shower could use it. it looks like anywhere from 3/10 to an inch of rain. low snow levels down 2500 feet
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for some areas. not a lot of skiers will be excited by that. palo alto high school has received a very generous gift. an anonymous donor is offering up to $20 million to rebuild the indoor athletic facilities at the school. the money would be used to build two new gyms, a dance studio, weight room and classrooms. the donor wants to work with an architect to design the new facilities. construction could start next year. a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the maker of a popular supplement. and according to reports, tiger woods appears to be getting serious in a new romantic relationship. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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and a succulent lobster tail... for an incredible $16.99. share the love this valentine's,
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with sizzler's steak & lobster. stocks have been trading in the narrow range on wall street between small gains and losses. u.s. factory production declined in january after two months of gains. the drop is likely temporary, given that auto sales have been rising. the dow is down 24. the nasdaq is down 11. s&p down 5. anthem bluecross has agreed to reduce its rate increase for 630,000 policyholders. earlier, they proposed an average increase of 17.9% buts that voluntarily agreed to lower it to 13.8% after the state conducted a review. the rate increase went into effect february 1st. a new move could save policyholders, $54 million. the makers of a dietary
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supplement called jacked have been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. it was filed by the parents of army soldier michael sparring. they say an a -- an april greediant causes heart problems. he died after collapsing during training. he had reportedly been taking jacked before workouts. the supplement has been removed from shelves. it appears that tiger woods and lindsey vonn are getting serious. they spent valentine's day together. vonn taught woods' children how to ski. it's unclear how long they have been dating. their relationship recently came to light after tiger woods sent his private jet to austria after she injured her leg during a competition.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. and we're always here for you on and mobile

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